Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Officer Wendy Davis Admits Michael Allmain's Dog MOSES was NOT Abandoned and He is Upset and Trying to Get him, So Keep him HIDDEN Co-Conspirator CVAR.

 Not only was MOSES NOT Abandoned and She LIED.  He had Notified them ALL within the 14 days of the statute, they LIED about that too. 

December 1st 2020

December 31st 2020

Closed by Arrest. Police Report By Officer Wendy Davis. Received Vet Bill yet gave Legal Remedy Letter in Late February 2021. Delivered to Michael Allmain December 7th 2020, yet as seen above she knew he already knew and contacted her "upset" as per the above Email from Officer Davis #630 on December 1st 2020. SHE Clearly had Already been Contacted, then acts as if Notifying by Mail, to set him up for Abandonment. 

OH AND OFFICER WENDY DAVIS TELLS CVAR To Keep It Quiet for now. They kept his DOG, knew who the owner was and racked up a bill that the City of Port Townsend Paid as seen above. 

NO PROBLEMS, Sara says we have not let anyone know, not even the Crazy lady that says the Dog his her spirit animal, as seen below, CVAR Sara to Officer Wendy Davis, then of the Port Townsend Police

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Reverend Crystal Cox
Universal Church of Light

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